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The changelog for versions of Microsoft 365 Embedded, released since May 2024.

May 17, 2024


  • Bugfix: File preview on SharePoint sites during app configuration

  • Improved UX:

    • Select item” button for files & folders during app configuration is now in a more prominent, contrasting colour

    • Better dropdown menu animation on Microsoft 365 profile menu

May 14, 2024


Large reworking of the original app.

  • Hosted exclusively on monday-code -’s own hosting infrastructure

  • Addition of Secure Embed features for board & item views and dashboard widget

    • Allows embedding of files and folders from Microsoft 365, SharePoint & OneDrive for Business within

    • Massively increased the number of file types that can be viewed in

    • Improved interaction with files and folders

      • Preview, download & view PDF of file

      • Open files in native Microsoft 365 (Office) apps such as Word, Excel & PowerPoint, directly from

      • Request access to Microsoft 365 from within using your Microsoft 365 mail/Outlook

  • Rename of all previous original features to Share Link Embed

  • Users can easily control and remove access to their Microsoft 365 account from within

  • Admins can remove access to Microsoft 365 accounts from within for their whole organisation

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