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Secure Embed • Microsoft 365

Secure Embed • Microsoft 365 allows you to securely embed a file or folder from Microsoft 365, OneDrive for Business and SharePoint Online within

One added, you can perform a number of operations on the file or files within the displayed folder such as:

  • View/preview most file types

  • Edit files in the native Microsoft 365 apps, such as Word, PowerPoint and Excel

    • Files edited in the native apps will automatically save back to Microsoft 365

  • Open files in browser, or download

  • View Microsoft 365 files as PDF

Secure Embed • Microsoft 365 is available with the following feature locations:

  • Board views

  • Item views

  • Dashboard widgets

  • Workdoc widgets

How it works

Here’s a walkthrough video to show the Secure Embed board view feature:

Using the Secure Embed in item views, dashboards and workdocs is very similar and more videos for those will be published soon.

When to use

  • When the file must remain completely private

  • When you wish to share a folder and it’s content

  • When there are strict access controls on the file or folder

When not to use

  • When you simply want to share a link with anyone

  • When the file can be displayed publicly

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