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Why our apps require a paid subscription

Thank you for your interest in our apps. A lot of our apps are integrations between and another SaaS product (such as Microsoft 365, Google, or Tableau Cloud).

We are sometimes asked:

I am paying a subscription for, and I am also paying a subscription for X. So why do I need to pay for the integration between and X?

As a third party app developer, we build functionality on top of that allows it to have improved and better abilities, saving the users time and money.

In order to build and support continued development of these improved abilities for and external systems, we also charge a subscription for our integrations. This also helps with the cost of hosting our apps.

We believe that our apps add significant value to users as a whole.

If you have only 1 to 2 users, like with, there is a free subscription plan for you.

With 3 or more users, all subscription plans are paid unless you are a nonprofit.

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