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Frequently Asked Questions

Does the app store any of our data?

We store no data. The URL of the embedded files are stored within your own instance.

All files are transmitted directly from Microsoft to your browser without the knowledge of our services.

If we stop using the app, what happens to all of the previously linked content in

Links should continue to work, but content will no longer be embedded within

Are there any other requirements for your app to work with our implementation and Microsoft 365?


Is all data inflight and stored encrypted within the service?

Our data is transmitted encrypted over TLS. Your data is transmitted directly from Microsoft to your browser and is encrypted over TLS.

Is there any logging/auditing available?

No. Your data is transmitted directly from Microsoft, so we do not log any details of your files.

What happens when the person who have shared content with leaves the organisation? Is that shared content tied to the individual or the Tenant?

This is entirely based on the sharing within Microsoft 365. If it's still available and accessible, users will see it embedded in

Do we need a particular level/version of

All versions of are supported.

Do we need a particular level/version of Microsoft 365?

See Which Microsoft 365 product plans does the app support?

If the app is offline, how will that impact users working on

They will not be able to view the content. However, the app is served at the edge by content delivery network (CDN) from Amazon Web Services (AWS) edge servers worldwide.

Is there any protection built into the app to prevent ‘bad content’ someone shares?

All content stored on Microsoft 365 is subject to the Code of Conduct, which is detailed in the As such, storage of any nefarious content is likely to be a breach of the Microsoft Services Agreement.

Our app simply embeds content from Microsoft 365, so any strategy your organisation uses to secure your Microsoft 365 content and prevent breaches of the will impact the embedded content in

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