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Advanced configuration

When embedding files from Microsoft 365 in external websites and apps, such as, additional configuration on Microsoft 365 may be required.

Your Microsoft 365 administrator can limit the sites where embedding is allowed or disable embedding entirely. If your embedded view doesn't load, check with your administrator to make sure that the site where you have embedded it is on the embedding allow list.

How to check additional configuration is required

When you share a Microsoft 365 file, using the Share button…

Then press the Sharing settings icon…

If Share the link with “Anyone” is greyed out, further configuration is required.

Additional configuration • domain whitelisting

This video below shows you how to enable embedding in, using the Microsoft 365 Office Embedded app.

From, a Microsoft 365 administrator can select the Admin link from the left hand menu, then follow the directions in the video.

Your Microsoft 365 administrator can whitelist the domain for the Microsoft 365 Embedded app.

The domains to white list are:


Add a single domain per line. These domains are where the app is hosted.

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