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Getting started

We're delighted that you've chosen to get started with GitHub Gists Embedded for

This page will give you an overview of this app’s functionality.

In GitHub

  • Copy the Gist URL from the browser address bar


For board views, workdocs, and dashboard widgets

  1. Add the GitHub Gist app in

  2. Paste the URL in the GitHub Gist URL field in the widget settings

For Item Views

  1. In your board, add a new column of type Text and name it URL

  2. Copy the URL of the GitHub Gist

  3. Paste the URL of the GitHub Gist into the URL column for your board item

  4. Open the Item Page and select Add View

  5. Add the GitHub Gist app in

  6. In Settings, select the the column name

Your GitHub Gist will be displayed in the item view.

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